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About Us

About us

Who we are

Arterial is an agency dedicated to making workplace art a positive force for change. We use our business knowledge, connections and art expertise to create opportunities and arts projects that bring a fresh impetus to people and companies. Breaking barriers and making art accessible is also part of our ethos. We want to encourage more people to connect with art. Part of this involves challenging some of the impenetrable, pretentious and often downright absurd language associated with it. We stand for inclusion and participation, not exclusion or intimidation.

From our earliest existence, humans have used art to communicate thoughts and feelings. It’s about sharing creative energy. And that’s what Arterial does.

Victoria Tate

Arterial reflects my passion for workplace art and how it can help businesses thrive and carve new paths to commercial success.

I formed the company following a successful career in corporate communications and public affairs, where I rose to board level and set up and sold my own business. I worked in-house and as a consultant to FTSE100 companies, government departments, trade bodies and national charities.

I have always found art to be a means of communicating from which everyone can benefit. It lifts staff morale, changes communities, restores reputations and sways opinion. Used at the right time and the right place, art has the ability to create a message without words and make people happy.

I’ve advised the Arts Council, the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, and Furtherfield, a groundbreaking digital arts practice. I’m also an investor in art:i:curate, a game-changing crowdfunding platform for emerging artists. Qualified with an MA in History of Art, I write about art and organise trips, talks, and events. I want to prove how art can be informative, fun, and commercially relevant - and not all furrowed brows and serious faces!

Our purpose

Arterial’s purpose is to create opportunities for the art world by targeting audiences and spaces outside of the traditional gallery and museum format. We want to give workplace audiences the confidence to curate and collect art that is accessible and well-communicated. Our curatorial approach aims to be socially motivating as well as bold enough to generate unique business opportunities for companies and employers to stand out.


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