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Arterial artists’ portfolio

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Arterial artists’ portfolio
YAMA, multimedia installation at Furtherfield Gallery, curated by Gretta Louw and Warnayaka Art Centre More Details. Click here to

We’re interested in art that challenges the mind with fresh, original ideas and suited to the scale and demands of businesses and workspaces. If you are about to graduate, or have recently graduated with a fine art or postgraduate degree, and are already producing outstanding work with commercial potential, we’d love to see some examples of your style.

Please send up to six images of your art in jpeg format only, plus a short biography or CV, to

We ensure every artist we work with can benefit from our advice and the introductions we make to potential patrons. This means we purposely keep our artists’ portfolio small and select, so everyone within it gets the attention and support they deserve. We’ll contact you if we’d like to know more about you, or view your work.

Arterial champions digital art

Arterial champions young and more established artists working in digital art. This specialism helps us to provide organisations with access to cutting edge artists and artworks who work with digital material across a range of media including screen, film, print and sculpture. Our depth of knowledge in this area means that we are connected with relevant organisations and individuals in the world of digital culture and can foster relationships and partnerships in this fascinating area.