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Unlocking potential

Arterial encourages you to support and experience the arts in ways that will raise your organisation’s productivity and performance, as well as the happiness and motivation of your people.

Using commercial expertise and experience of the culture sector, we work alongside you to create a tangible, interactive programme of arts engagement that connects with your company goals. We explore thoroughly why and how bringing art into your workplace, or supporting the arts through events, projects, or artists’ residencies, will contribute to your broader objectives.

You might choose art to inspire fresh thinking, renewing the energy and creativity of your staff. Or use art as an engagement catalyst, kick-starting vibrant conversations or exchanges of ideas between employees, customers and clients. You can align art programmes with your brand, associate your company with a theme or cause, reach out to untapped audiences, or build links with local communities.

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As little as two hours of arts activity or experience a week boosts well-being.
BMC Public Health


Companies fostering creativity are 3.5 times more likely to achieve revenue growth of 10% or more than competitors.

Our services

Building your programme
  • Develop a tailored proposal within budget that matches your ambitions, with an arts engagement programme that reflects your brand, your values and your audiences
  • Propose novel ways to involve artists or arts projects in client, employee or shareholder events
  • Set up and manage your agreed interactive arts plan, working with your nominated in-house representative
  • Identify the arts organisations and artists best suited to achieve the results you want
  • Offer guidance on creating a broader public profile as an arts supporter, with suggestions for creative sponsorships matching the character and ethos of your business
  • Advise your communications team on PR, public affairs and media strategies to raise awareness of your commitment to the arts
  • Review and report on the results of your arts engagement programme, including measurable benefits
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