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For the Arts

Engaging businesses

Modern patronage now goes beyond a conventional sponsorship package. To nurture long-term partnerships with business supporters, arts organisations must offer experiences and connections that give something back, or are more innovative. This means understanding commercial and brand objectives, and finding ways to resonate with them.

Success also rests on cultivating a strong, extended network of influencers and supporters who can speak independently of your capabilities and help build your reputation.

Arterial combines communications skills with business intelligence to reach audiences. We offer an independent, critical appraisal of your organisation’s present profile and potential, and work with you to develop a strategy, create new programmes, and maximise lasting relationships.

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As little as two hours of arts activity or experience a week boosts well-being.
BMC Public Health


Companies fostering creativity are 3.5 times more likely to achieve revenue growth of 10% or more than competitors.

Our services

Tailored for cultural organisations
  • Identify income generation channels and opportunities
  • Test ideas and pilot innovative approaches that will excite and engage forward-thinking partners
  • Review results of projects and programmes to assess performance, achievements and value
  • Assess and compare the strengths and advantages of your main competitors
  • Combine insight and research to give you a comprehensive understanding of the attitudes, policies and practices of your key audiences
  • Grow your network of influential contacts by connecting you to people and organisations with the power to speak positively about your work
  • Advise on preparing and tailoring messages about your organisation or project to suit different, diverse audiences
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