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What do you mean, ‘digital’ art?

Monday March 19 2018

On a recent trip to Tate Britain with my stepson, after an hour or so, he said “all of this stuff is ok but where’s the art?’” I quickly realised that he meant ‘where are the paintings?’ We hastened to the pre-Raphaelite rooms for something he might recognise. The huge question of ‘what is art?’ isn… Read more…

Art metrics, just like buying a pair of shoes?

Tuesday February 27 2018

Sotheby’s has made a seemingly momentous business decision to buy technology business, Thread Genius. Hailed by The Daily Telegraph [ 1] as a ‘big deal’ in more ways than one, the venture will allow Sotheby’s to take customers on an online ‘journey’ that takes information and algorithms to suggest a… Read more…

Art in the office: a welcome distraction?

Friday February 23 2018

'Guernica', Pablo Picasso, 1937, Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid The most effective art for a work environment is art which challenges. Art that provokes rather than simply decorates and embellishes. Engaging workplace art must strike a delicate balance: personal but not so personal as to alienate, detai… Read more…

Brightening up the Workplace: Corporate art commissions in the 21st Century

Thursday February 1 2018

The Rape of Proserpina, Gian Lorenzo Bernini, 1621-1622, Galleria Borghese, Rome Casting our minds back into the Renaissance, art commissions came from the Kings of France and Spain, the Holy Roman Emperor and the princes of the Italian city-states, who vied with each other to commission art from th… Read more…

Communication, not alienation

Monday January 22 2018

Art is a wonderful thing. Everyone agrees it can transport you to another time and place, feeling or opinion. But in some quarters there seems to be an attempt to push people away from art, not draw them closer. Some writers and curators are responsible for helping to both create the mystique and in… Read more…